Why a campaign?
What change do we want to see in the world?
How we know it's working!


Technology is transforming every area of our lives: It's changing how we connect and engage with the world around us; the way we live, learn and work. We believe it's our responsibility to make sure its being developed to meet the needs of the public, and serve the greater welfare of society.  Enter the Public Interest Tech Campaign! 


Public interest technology is exactly what it sounds like – technology used to serve the public good. But few people have heard the name or know there is an entire network of people using, creating, thinking about technology as a force for good.We mean to change that, through powerful storytelling, inspiring partnerships and events that show the world what it means to proudly rep #PublicInterestTech!

These stories are told weekly, across different platforms & networks, with the aim of building a groundswell of energy & buzz:


And they're told in all different forms:


What began with zero mentions/uses of #PublicInterestTech on social media has evolved into hundreds of uses a month with over 90% being driven by networks beyond the Ford Foundation.

And we're just getting started...





of social activity is driven by external audiences


video views


People subscribed to ongoing communications

People are leaning in: Videos produced as part of the series (and placed on social, via media partnerships and at conference events), have reached 1M views since the campaign launch in April 2018.


Media mentions are on the rise: e.g.  Fast Co: Want to Build Tech for good?, Blavity: AI Struggled to Detect My Face, WIRED: Why Universities need Public Interest Technology Courses, The Transformative Responsibility of Success: Jessica J. González’s Advice to Her Younger Self, Top Universities Join to Push ‘Public Interest Technology’


And the community is invested:  People are subscribing to stay connected to #PublicInterestTech stories, news, and fellowships throughout the year.  We're seeing a 35%+ open rate on average (the industry standard is 20- 25% for nonprofits).

This cannot, of course, be done alone. The Public Interest Tech Campaign is a collaboration with over 3 dozen partners (and growing), including The Mozilla Foundation, ACLU, Code for America, Civic Hall, and New America, just to name a few; All united in our efforts to build a stronger digital society that is prioritizing public welfare.

This is what technology at work for the public looks like!